The Grand Hotel


Promotional Film Campaign, Storyboarding, Talent Management

The Project

We have produced a new film for the luxury hotel called 'Do Not Disturb'. The film takes the viewer on a journey through our host Sophie's eyes into the grand entrance and along the mirrored halls, showing glimpses of the exquisite furniture and tastefully designed interiors. Sophie also experiences the hotel's rooms, exclusive and opulent suites, spa, restaurants, and bars. The film ends with a 'Greta Garbo moment' with Sophie showing us the 'please do not disturb' sign.

The Location

Just a two hour flight from London, Stockholm is a perfect destination for a weekend break. The Grand Hôtel, which sits elegantly on the waterfront enjoying views across to the medieval Gamla Stan (Old Town), has been attracting world presidents, royalty, and celebrities since 1874.

Project info

Client: The Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Year: 2014

Service: Promotional Film Campaign, Storyboarding, Talent Management

Location: Sweden

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