Video Production for Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Destinations

At Factor Fifty, it's much more than videography, we believe in the power of visual storytelling to immerse your potential guests in the essence of your property.

Factor Fifty produce award-winning films for the finest hotels, resorts and destinations around the world. Working exclusively within the hospitality industry has given our team great insight into how to authentically connect with today’s traveller. We offer an unparalleled array of production, from standalone movies with actors, models, stylists, hair and makeup, to shorter form films for social media, MICE, in-flight services and TV. Underwater and drone filming comes as standard with all hotel, resort and destination video productions.

We produce tailored film and video content that appeals to each of your audience demographics and stakeholders. From our experience, we know that consumers want to do much more than just watch videos; they want to connect with brands. Our video package goes beyond the traditional hotel/destination video. Mobile video cuts, user generated content, vlog-style edits that appeal to millennials, and classic cinematic style edits all have their place within the marketing mix. All digital film and video productions are shot and edited in Ultra HD.

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Main promotional films

Film, when produced properly with artistic flare, style and honesty, will create an instant connection with the guest. We are the leading experts for producing cinematic promotional films for hospitality and travel brands including pre-roll, TV and social media campaigns.

Supporting films

From F&B and MICE to suites and spas, our team create the most compelling and engaging films for today's savvy travellers. Videos can be loaded onto iPads for travel agency visits, or show to hundreds of agents at major trade shows such as Virtuoso Travel Mart and ILTM.

Category films

To help further influence booking decisions, brand awareness, and increase ROI, we produce separate video clips of each room and suite category. Booking revenue increases when video is present and so do the upgrade opportunities.

Destination films

Many luxury travellers are seeking more authentic experiences when they travel, mixing luxury with adventure, food and culture. Our hyperlapse destination films enable users to experience awe-inspiring journeys around a city, landscape or resort.

Social Media Short Form Video

Brands are increasing spend on short-form video, where the issue is standing out quickly. A focus on what is known as ’distinctive brand assets’ will help brands prosper. (WARC 2019)

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IGTV Instagram Channel Content Production

Embrace vertical video and provide a more seamless mobile experience for your audience. The rise of vertical video presents many opportunities when it comes to brand storytelling.

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Lotte New York Palace - Room Category & MICE Video Marketing Campaign

For example, a recent brand video marketing campaign we ran with The New York Palace generated the following results;

Unique Visitors +53%, Visits +48%, page views +28%, Bookings +40% and revenue +59%

This increase in activity has been be attributed to the increased marketing of the high-quality videos. The property is selling more suites online at a higher rate in advance than they have in the past. The use of video impacted their direct sales efforts, with new videos loaded onto iPads for travel agency visits, as well as showcasing to hundreds of agents at major tradeshows such as Virtuoso Travel Mart and ILTM. They also had success in securing specialty suites as backdrops for major glossy magazine fashion shoots, as location scouts and producers had access to the videos online to see the scope of the property.

Their reservations sales agents also had another tool to share with clients who engage in a ‘live chat’ feature as they can be walked through a room, they can direct them to the various videos to view different suite types and have had major successes up selling customers to premium options through videos. "You do not have to take a ‘leap of faith’ when partnering with VIP. Yes, investing in video can require a substantial part of your budget, however when you research companies and come across a portfolio of talent such as theirs, you know you will get what you pay for. The team is highly skilled and not to mention personable. We really enjoyed having David and his colleagues at The Palace – their vision and expertise is what brought our 150M property wide renovation to life. Not only have the films been well received on our website, our sales team received the proper assets they need to reach clients with our cinematic style ‘wow’ videos."

Lauren Rebholz, Director of eMarketing and Communications, The New York Palace.

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