Elevating Your Internal Hotel Communication

Through Dynamic B2B Video Solutions

Our journey through the realm of luxury hotels has not only bestowed us with unparalleled insights but also opened doors to revolutionise internal communications for hotel groups.

Conference Support that Transcends Boundaries

Elevate your conferences and events with our expert event filming services. We capture every moment, preserving the essence of your gatherings to be shared across your group. Whether it's the insights shared, the vibrant atmosphere, or the inspirational keynotes, our videos encapsulate the heart of your events.

Unveiling Key Hotelier Wisdom

Our lens captures more than just images; it captures the wisdom of key hoteliers. Through engaging interviews and discussions, we unveil their insights, experiences, and strategies. These videos serve as a valuable resource, enriching internal communication and fostering growth within your hotel group.

BTS: Beyond the Surface

Peek behind the scenes with our BTS filming services. Whether it's architects shaping the future, chefs crafting culinary wonders, or historians narrating captivating tales, our videos give an authentic glimpse into the magic that unfolds behind the scenes at your properties.

Annual PR Coverage in Motion

The evolution of your hotel group deserves to be celebrated. Our sizzle reels are a dynamic way to showcase your annual PR coverage, encapsulating new branding, achievements, and milestones. Let the world witness your progress through the medium of captivating videos.


Why Choose Factor Fifty

Unmatched Hospitality Insight

Benefit from decades of experience and insights from luxury hotels.

Seamless Group Integration

Drive unified internal communication across your hotel group.

Comprehensive Video Services

From events to interviews, capture every facet of your story.

Captivating Visual Narratives

Tell your journey through videos that resonate deeply.

Our videos aren't just visuals; they're catalysts for change, growth, and unity. Elevate your hotel group's internal communications with us – where every frame speaks a thousand words.

Lights. Camera. Synergy.

Begin your journey

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