Virtual Press and Fam Trips

360 Video press trips and strategic media outreach

Develop relationships with key US media contacts and generate press coverage in important American media outlets.

Press Trips

Nothing compares to a firsthand hotel experience; seeing is believing! Jennifer Oberstein, VIP's New York City based public relations consultant, organises and accompanies personalised press trips from conception to delivery of results. She targets top media contacts who can accept complimentary press travel and will secure 3-5 journalists per trip.

Only journalists who can guarantee coverage will be invited to attend. Jennifer escorts the journalists on the journey, provides personal follow-up, and supplies all media results to the hotel.

All press trip details will be coordinated in close collaboration with the hotel and include the following:

  • Newsworthy theme(s) for press trip
  • Travel dates and flights research
  • Guest list based on theme of trip and target markets
  • Design and send invitation; provide all confirmations
  • Prior to arrival, the hotel will be provided with detailed biographies, photos, and personal preferences for each guest
  • Development of curated itineraries: Journalists recognise affluent consumers and prefer one-of-a-kind experiences over ‘things’ when travelling
  • Request journalists to post his/her trip highlights to social media via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc

One-on-one Media Appointments in NYC

Jennifer organises and accompanies the hotel’s owner/general manager on one-on-one media appointments in NYC, with up to six appointments over a period of two days. This is an excellent way to establish relationships with top media from target publications.

Intimate Media Breakfasts/Luncheons/Dinners in NYC

The hotel’s owner/general manager hosts three to eight journalists for an exclusive meal at a premier restaurant. Jennifer organises and attends the event, works with the hotel on the guest list, invitations, venue selection, menus and post-event follow-up. The media are engaged and appreciate the invitation for an exclusive event.

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